Convient Study Systems

AIIT employs a class schedule for students with full-time jobs so they can study while working. AIIT offers various systems in support of professionals and other people so they can study at AIIT.
Students are encouraged to take advantage of AIIT's extensive support before admission, graduation, and even after graduation.

Allows non-degree students to earn academic credits The AIIT Academic Credit Bank System

The credits earned before enrollment can be used later.

The AIIT Academic Credit Bank System is a unique way to earn credits as a non-degree student, which can then be used when enrolling in the school as a regular student. By using the AIIT Academic Credit Bank System, individuals constrained by time or work are able to earn a degree by undertaking systematic studies tailored to their lifestyles.

In addition, for registered subjects, students can view materials online before class using the lecture assistance system (e-learning) and watch lectures recorded on video to prepare for the submission of reports and assignments. For more details on the lecture assistance system, click here.

Study Model through the AIIT Academic Credit Bank System

AIIT Academic Credit Bank System

What is the AIIT Academic Credit Bank System?

  • The AIIT Academic Credit Bank is a system where the credits earned as a non-degree student are accumulated and then used when enrolling in the school as a regular student.※1
  • When enrolling as a regular student, credits accumulated in the AIIT Academic Credit Bank can be certified as regular student credits.※2
  • When enrolling as a regular student, an amount equivalent to the tuition fees paid as a non-degree student can be deducted from the tuition fees following regular enrollment.※3
  1. ※1 There is a limit to the total number of individuals who may use the AIIT Academic Credit Bank System. Additionally, it may not be possible to enroll in subjects for which many students have registered.
  2. ※2 The period of validity for credits accumulated in the AIIT Academic Credit Bank is five years. Students who sit for examination and complete regular enrollment within five years of earning the credits will have the credits recognized as regular student credits.
  3. ※3 By completing the procedures for an Application for Reduction and Exemption from Tuition Fees following regular enrollment, students can have the tuition fees for their first year of regular enrollment reduced by the amount equivalent to the number of credits certified as regular student credits multiplied by the non-degree student tuition fees paid for each credit. Also, if tuition fees have been revised, the tuition fees following the revisions shall apply.

Learning while working full-time.The AIIT class schedule is designed to be convenient for professionals.

The AIIT class schedule offers classes on weeknights and Saturdays during the day.
In particular, all classes of the Master Program of Information Systems Architecture are held on weeknights and during the daytime on Saturdays. The schedule allows working students to enroll in classes after work.

For focused study!! The quarter system allows students to complete classes in a short period.

Instead of the semester system, AIIT uses the quarter system, which divides the year into four terms and allows students to take one subject in a short period. Every class is held twice per week and completed within about two months.

First Quarter April 5-June 10, Second Quarter June 14-August 12, Third Quarter October 4-December 2, Fourth Quarter December 6-February 11

The graduate school conventionally adopts the semester system to cover a broad-based curriculum in a certain period of time. On the other hand, AIIT employs the quarter system, which divides the year into four terms and allows students to acquire knowledge and expert skills in a short, concentrated period. Every class is held twice a week and completed within about two months.
The quarter system provides working students the advantage of finishing a course in a short period of time. We adjust the quarter schedules every year.

Select from two campuses Remote lectures are available at the Akihabara Campus.

Students can attend some of the lectures offered at the main campus (Shinagawa Seaside Campus) at the Satellite Campus (Akihabara Satellite Campus).

Both satellite classrooms on the Main Campus (Shinagawa Seaside Campus) and the Satellite Campus (Akihabara Satellite Campus) are connected via a dedicated line connection. The lecture materials (slides) and the video image of the instructor are distributed on high-quality videos from the Main Campus to the Satellite Campus. The high-quality images of students are distributed from the Satellite Campus to the Main Campus. Students at the Satellite Campus can also ask questions to the instructor at the Main Campus when necessary.

Various assistance systems The Lecture Assistance System (e-learning)

The e-learning system allows students to view materials online before class and watch the lectures recorded on video to prepare for the submission of reports and assignments.
Degree students can watch a recorded video of all ongoing lectures. They are also able to have online access to the latest classes free of charge up to ten years after graduation.

What is the lecture assistance system (e-learning)?

AIIT is proactive in providing students with lecture assistance via the e-learning system. All lectures are recorded on video so that students can view the videos from remote locations and review as much of the class lecture material as necessary.
This system is used to answer questions about the lectures and submit assignments. There are different systems to support working students who are constrained by time. However, students must attend regular classes in order to earn credits and academic degrees.

The Lecture Assistance System (e-learning)

AIIT is equipped with a video library of recorded classes. Our system offers students who have completed the course free access for ten years after graduating, so that they can make effective use of the e-learning information on rapidly advancing IT technology. (AIIT Knowledge Home Port System).

Repeat learning and face-to-face lectures AIIT Blended Learning

AIIT Blended Learning blends recorded lectures and face-to-face lectures in sixteen classes for each subject. This allows students to view the recorded lectures on the Internet without having to come to AIIT from home or work. After obtaining sufficient knowledge from watching the recorded lectures, students attend lectures in person to actively and practically focus on group work and exercises. This will increase the effect of learning. In addition, students can come to AIIT only on specific days of the week, significantly reducing the burden of commuting to the school for students who are busy with full-time jobs.

Well-organized facilities Facilities and library freely accessible for students


AIIT is equipped with a server experiment room, 3D printers, and other facilities and equipment.


The library houses the latest specialized books selected by faculty members. It is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. weekdays.

Money-saving Scholarship, reduction and installment payment for tuition fee.

In addition to the Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship, AIIT offers independent scholarships. In addition, the school offers reduced tuition and a tuition installment program for students who have extreme difficulty paying tuition and those in need of financial assistance.

Students can take their time to study. Long-Term Study Program

The Long-Term Study Program allows enrolled students to complete the course in three years or two years and six months. The program is offered to students who have difficulty completing the course within the standard study period of two years for personal reasons such as jobs, childcare, or long-term nursing care of family members and who plan to finish the course in three years or two years and six months.

The total tuition that students must pay for a permitted duration are the same as the two-year study programs (if the tuition is revised during the long-term study program, students will be charged additional fees based on the revised tuition from the academic year in which the new fees are introduced). Applications for the Long-Term Study Program are available only during the admission procedures, and available for a few students. Once admitted to the Long-Term Study Program, students are not permitted to shorten or extend the period of the program.

Students can still learn after graduation. AIIT Knowledge Home Port System

Through our Lecture Assistance System (e-learning), students can watch a video library of the entire lectures free of charge for ten years after graduating.

Degree students who have completed the course have access via the internet to the latest classes free of charge for ten years. Non-degree students have access to the video library only during the academic year in which they are registered.

Various learning opportunities Certificate Program

AIIT offers educational programs for professionals who are seeking another job or advance in their careers. In compliance with the School Education Law of Japan, AIIT issues a certificate to students who complete the program.

Program Name Outline Month Offered
Project Management Professional School The program equips students with the knowledge, practical skills, and human qualities necessary for project management. August
Human-Centered Design The program trains students on how to acquire the knowledge and design techniques for improved usability. August

A place for students to utilize their knowledge. Certified Lecturer System

The Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology registers individuals who have highly professional knowledge as Certified Lecturers. When certified as a registered lecturer at AIIT, the individual receives the title of Certified Lecturer of the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT). AIIT requests that Certified Lecturers give lectures or classes at AIIT whenever the opportunity arises.

Diploma and Diploma Supplement Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement is a document issued by the school that provides a standardized description of the content and status of the studies completed by the holder/student. AIIT issues the Diploma Supplement in Japanese and English at the time of completion. Students who have completed the course can use the diploma and AIIT's Diploma Supplement to certify their skills and knowledge in a job search and for career development. The Diploma Supplement has a role as an official and transparent document that translates degrees and qualifications in response to the provision of education across borders and the active mobility of students. AIIT expects that our graduates extend their careers not only in Japan but also overseas.